I wish I would have found you guys sooner. This is how a Mac shop should be.
- Eric F., Eugene, OR

  • Macs
    Looking for the best value in Apple computers? Check out our selection of pre-owned Macs & accessories.
  • Science
    We are Apple Certified techs, so we have the knowledge needed to take care of your Mac. (It’s a bonus we are also super fast.)
  • Love
    We go the extra mile with our service. Got a hard to solve problem or simple question? We are eager to help.

LightSpeed is a ground- breaking, next-generation Point of Sale system built exclusively for the Mac and designed expressly to accelerate growing small businesses.Happy anniversary to us! Thanks to you! Our love for Macs has seen us through a long history of service and repair, but It is you who have made our success possible. Thanks for allowing us to do what we love.